About Us

Altay Grup A.Ş
Founded on 2001, Altay Grup A.Ş. with its growth strategy has experienced in Raised Floor Systems, Seismic Raisdes Floor Systems, Close Control Air Conditioning System with technical services, Moisture Dimmer, Telecommunication Air Conditioning System, Air Condition Cleaner System and their sales&marketing activities with creative and innovative employees dated from established.

Altay Grup A.Ş. is aiming to be sustainable integrating sales and marketing with innovative and creative operations at high quality and service.

Altay Grup A.Ş continues to offer innovation and solution with international Business partners as the result of achieved operations in the wide range of styles.

Quality Assurance System

Altay Grup A.Ş. that internalizes ISO 9001-2001 Quality Assurance System with aiming to sustain quality organizes company configuration with respect to this quality system.

Occupational Health and Safety System

Altay Grup A.Ş. which governs occupational health and safety with inclusiving of OHSAS 18001:1999 Occupational Health and Safety Certificate works with aiming ‘non-occupational accident’ believing to be prevented from occupational accident with supporting employees on condition wiping out the risks within management principle.

Quality and Control Thought

Every unit makes efforts to give the best service to the continued process with ‘Every unit is a customer for after coming itself’ thought. Company works debugging carefully at the control points of the production in every stage.

Mission :While remembering respectable we aim to focus on our areas of operations, deliver the highest quality products and services, become leader of our segments, and at the same time, generate value for all of our customers, suppliers, employees and the society in the world.


  • Defining the necessity
  • Providing the customer satisfaction
  • Providing the service expectation
  • Being on edge at cost operations
  • Being reliable at quality
  • Being conscious of responsibilities
  • Being technological in operations


  • Powerful service organization
  • Compatible and efficient Management
  • Expert technical employee
  • Uninterruptible service throughout Turkey
  • Technological equpment and implement
  • Occupational safety
  • Conserve nature and environment